Raw and JPEG

1. Explain the main differences between a raw and jpeg file. – A RAW file contains all the uncompressed and unprocessed image data captured by the sensors of a digital camera or scanner and a JPEG uses mode, while graphic designers, illustrators, and other creatives can edit their work in them. 2. Which file is Read More…

Travel Poster

The place that I would like to Travel too is Paris, France I always wanted to go their because it looks so pretty in the movies. The other reason why is because I like taking pictures and seeing new things, learning new things.

Meticulous Photography

Emily Blincoe was born in Austin, in September 2, 1980. Photographer from Austin, Texas, who has over 400,000 followers on Instagram for her pictures from her travel, adventures. I really like that Meticulos  photography because of all the colors, I also really like the way she put the colors in order like the rainbow.

Surrealist Collage

My idea of this is putting charachters from other movies together. Like I added both Andy’s One from chucky and the other from Toy Story. Chucky is watching them look at the box together mean while Jason is watching over Glen with his red love letter from a mysterious someone. Also buzz and Jessie were Read More…